Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Age of Robots ~ Bioinspired Robots

Today on Far Future Horizons we present the second episode of “The Age of Robots”.

In this instalment, we look at robots whose design was inspired by biology, evolution and the natural world.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The Age of Robots ~ Humanoid Robots

Today on Far Future Horizons we introduce an exciting new six part series titled “The Age of Robots”.

In the first episode of this series we will look at humanoid robots.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Battle for Malta

Today on Far Future Horizons to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of Operation Pedestal we present the BBC Two documentary The Battle for Malta.

Historian James Holland presents a fresh analysis of the World War Two battle for the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta.

Operation Pedestal ~ Malta’s Miracle of August 15, 1942

Operation Pedestal: Depicted, Tanker Ohio being attacked by Savoia Marchetti SM79's and Ju 88's The Cruiser is HMS Charybdis.

Today marks the seventy-fifth anniversary of Operation Pedestal, a British operation to get desperately needed supplies to the island of Malta in August 1942, during the Second World War. Malta was the base from which surface ships, submarines and aircraft attacked Axis convoys carrying essential supplies to the Italian and German armies in North Africa. In 1941–42, Malta was effectively under siege, blockaded by Axis air and naval forces. To sustain Malta, the United Kingdom had to get convoys through at all costs. Despite serious losses, just enough supplies were delivered for Malta to survive, although it ceased to be an effective offensive base for much of 1942. The most crucial supply was fuel delivered by the SS Ohio, an American-built tanker with a British crew. The operation started on August 9th, 1942, when the convoy sailed through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Can We Hack the Planet?

Today on Far Future Horizons we present another episode of the acclaimed documentary series “Through the Wormhole” hosted by veteran actor Morgan Freeman.

Humanity is under threat from storms that seem to get ever fiercer, earthquakes that seem ever more deadly, and killer viruses that are engulfing the globe.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

James Burke on the Moon

Today on Far Future Horizons we continue to commemorate the forty-eighth anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing with two retrospective documentaries presented by BBC veteran science journalist and science historian James Burke ten years after the event.

Friday, July 21, 2017

“Apollo 11: Remastered” - An Orbiter Film

The versatility of the Orbiter Space Simulator is truly amazing. I first wrote about this free space simulator program in my recent article "For All You Armchair Astronauts". Here is awe inspiring film made by TexFilms using Orbiter.

In “Apollo 11: Remastered” we can all vicariously embark on the epic voyage of Apollo 11 from launch to splashdown and relive this grand adventure. This film is a remake of TexFilms original Apollo 11 release featuring Orbiter Space Flight Simulator and AMSO Apollo addon.